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May 2015


Delayed Gratification


Life is fast paced! We expect things swiftly. We have instant messaging, fast food, and speedy energy drinks.


We also want health promptly. We reach for instant pain relief, rapid weight loss, and sudden fasting.


However, optimal health is a process. It requires time and consistency. It also demands action and effort. This allows for the opportunity to thrive.


Results may not be immediate... But, if the desire is great, the discipline will follow, and results will be gratifying!


What you did yesterday affects you today. And, what you do today will affect you tomorrow.


Remain steadfast in your quest of optimal health! 

Maintain a Strong Bone Structure

Our bones are active and living tissue. It's constantly changing and remodeling to withstand the changing pressure from your body and its actions.


Bones reach their peak bone mass in our late 20's. From our 30's on, our bones slowly begin to lose its density. In females, bone density loss accelerates with menopause.


So how do we maintain a healthy skeletal structure? 


Click here for tips on maintaining a strong bone structure!

Bone Weakness Not Only in Females

Osteoporosis affects approximately 44 million Americans. It is commonly known that females are susceptible and statistics show 1 in 3 females will be affected by bone weakening. But, men are also affected! 1 in 5 males will be diagnosed.


Why are women more at risk?

1. Type of activity is often the obvious culprit. Women tend to do less heavy lifting for work and during exercise.


2. The second reson is due to menopause. During menopause, bone loss accelerates due to the hormonal changes that occur.


Click here for the Risk Factors for Osteoporosis.

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