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April 2015


Health Taxes

Tax season is here! Do your healthy assets offset your unhealthy liabilities? Are you benefitting from a health return this year? Or, are you getting hit with health taxes?


Let's assess the 3 Major Taxes on your Health:

Physical Taxes - Trauma, one time inuries & daily repetitive stress.

Mental/Emotional Taxes - Anxiety, grief, anger, frustration.

Chemical Taxes - Poor nutrition, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental pollution, smoking, drinking.

How much of these taxes do you accrue? Daily, weekly, yearly? And, what effects has it had upon your health? Is it time to make a change?


Here's your Health Relief Plan!

The 5 to Strive:

1. Exercise consistently

2. Eat smart daily

3. Sleep restfully nightly

4. Regular body care

5. Live Aloha, positively

Avoid the health tax hit! Find your health tax relief plan. Stick with the 5 to Strive, reduce your health taxes, and live optimally!

Avoid the tax hit, save your health!

Tax season is here! Have you done a health tax assessment? Like assessing your finances, knowing where and how you’re getting taxed is vital to your well-being!


The 3 major health taxes are:

1. Physical taxes

There are two types of physical taxes. The first are ONE TIME taxes such as a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, sport injury.  The second is REPETITIVE taxes such as prolong sitting and computer usage, fatiguing posture, unfavorable sleeping positions.


2. Mental/Emotional taxes

Emotions such as anger, frustration, depression, and anxiety.


3. Chemical taxes

Poor nutrition, environmental pollution exposure, and household & personal hygiene product usage.



Should I stretch a "pulled" muscle?

Every now and then we run into the dreaded "pulled" muscle. When it happens, what do you do? If you're like most, you stretch it!


A muscle "pull", technically called a "strain", is an injury that can range from mild to severe. From a therapy stand point, the last thing you want to do to a strained muscle is over-stretch it creating more damage.


Click here for STEPS TO RECOVERY.

Going Hiking!

Come join us for a short, 1 mile, beginner's day hike to


Pu'u Pia Trail in Manoa Valley!


When: Saturday, April 25th @ 10:30 am


Where to meet: @ our office building @ 10 am OR at the trail head @ 10:30am


*Feel free to bring your family and friends! It is a kid friendly hike!


What to bring: shoes (hiking shoes preferable), comfortable athletic wear, jacket optional, a hat, backpack with water, snacks, camera for pics, sunblock, bug spray. Jacket, if raining, and an extra plastic bag for shoes.


See you there!

April Cooking Class!

Join us for an evening of 'ono' & healthy food!


When: Thursady, April 23rd @ 5-6 pm


Where: The NEW 'Down to Earth' demonstration kitchen, next door to Taira Chiropractic



Wasabi Pea Encrusted Tofu

Ginger Fried Rice

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


*Bring your family and friends!

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